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Dated: 04/05/2017

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Have you ever talked to anyone who recently moved and said they loved the experience? Me neither.  It's like childbirth - Really rough and exhausting but worth it in the end.  

Well, we meet and see the aftermath of a lot of movers in our business.  We always recommend hiring professionals, if possible.  Moving is their craft and they know what they're doing (we hope).  You on the other hand already have a full-time job, have just had a major life event, and are likely exhausted.   

Before hiring a mover we encourage you to read the following:  Good questions and best practices when hiring a mover.  

Here are some tips:

  1. Get Recommendations: Ask friends, colleagues, get on Facebook. 

  2. Do an initial screening: Check Yelp, BBB, and

  3. Gather at lease three or four companies for an in-home estimate.

  4. Show the estimator everything. If you want it moved, show them. Don't assume they know.

  5. Review the estimate.

  6. Put your estimates somewhere where they won't get lost. Think a bright colored folder, take pictures of estimates, or tape them to a door. 

  7. Compare and Compare again.  Be wary of the lowest bid.  

  8. Check out the top contenders.  Now that you are more educated go back online and search for dirt. 

  9. Make sure the movers are licensed and insured to move you.  The moving industry isn't regulated (yet) so you need to do your due diligence. 

  10. Call FMCSA at 888-368-7238 and ask about complaints about your moving company. 

  11. Select A Mover!

  12. When moving day arrives, get a copy of the mover's inventory list. 

Here are some  Salt Lake City based moving companies that have been recommended to us.  We hope this helps. 

If you ever have questions or concerns, please contact your agent to talk through things.

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